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2021.05.20In response to the desire to hide hardware as much as possible! Introducing L-240 / Hexagonal Cam Lock

In response to the need to "hide as much as possible", such as not wanting to show the hardware as a design, we have a new lineup of cam locks that are inconspicuous from the front of the door!

Click here for "door mounting specifications" and "framed specifications" that can be combined with related products (sold separately).


It is a design with few protrusions on the surface. (Maximum 1.7 mm)


With position stop function.

This structure makes it easy to know where to lock and unlock.


It can be mounted on doors of various shapes depending on the FLAME FIXING ANGLE (sold separately).


Click here for door mounting specifications and frame insertion specifications.

Attach L-240 to the door / Only the handle insertion hole can be seen from the front of the door.

Attach L-240 to the frame side / Nothing can be seen from the surface. There is a handle insertion hole in the gap between the frame and the door.

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L-240/Hexagonal Cam Lock

Handle hor L-587

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